01. In my [spare] time, I usually like to play squash with a friend.
02. Could you [spare] a few minutes to help me move my couch?
03. I lost my glasses, but luckily I have a [spare] pair.
04. You can stay the night if you want to. We have a [spare] bedroom downstairs.
05. The hikers thought it would take them at least five days to walk the trail, but they got to the end with a day and a half to [spare].
06. The boss is pretty busy, so he can only [spare] a few minutes to talk to you today.
07. I hope you've got a [spare] tire for your car because you've got a flat.
08. Speaking about Antarctica, Jacques Cousteau said, "May this continent, the last explored by humankind, be the first one to be [spared] by humankind."
09. There are a lot of people on the streets asking for [spare] change these days.
10. There is a Chinese proverb which suggests that he who does not know what to do in his [spare] time is not a businessman.
11. Excuse me, could you [spare] a bit of change for a cup of coffee?
12. In 1572, when 10,000 French Protestants were massacred on the orders of King Charles IX, a doctor named Ambroise Paré was [spared] because of his reputation as a great surgeon.
13. For most of its history, Trinidad and Tobago have been [spared] the racial violence that other countries in the region have suffered.
14. I bought some [spare] parts for my bicycle at a garage sale.
15. Sophie has two classes this morning, but then she has a [spare], so she can do her homework then.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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